Top Tips on Healthy Weight Loss for Seniors

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It’s never too late to work on being healthier. As we age, being overweight becomes more dangerous because of the risk of weight-related illnesses and increased fall risk. However, it doesn’t take drastic changes to make a positive impact. clubX fitness invites you to keep reading to learn some of the small changes you can make to reach or maintain a healthy weight.
Work Out with a Group
Why not try a small group training class? There are plenty of fitness classes out there. They’re a great option no matter your age. Not only do you have a professional trainer to guide you through each workout, ensuring proper form and safety, you also have classmates to help motivate you. Plus, it’s a chance to socialize, which may decrease your feelings of isolation and your risk of depression.

Create a Home Gym
One of the best ways to supplement gym visits / fitness classes is to create an exercise space at home. You can use the techniques you’ve learned in class or follow videos that show you proper form. It’s easy and inexpensive to invest in more advanced pieces of equipment over time, but start with some of the basics. Dumbbells, resistance bands, and a yoga mat are an excellent starter pack.

Balance Your Nutrition
One of the best ways to keep your body healthy is to give it the nutrition it needs. That means something different for everyone, but there are a few rules that work for almost all of us. Make sure that you include a source of lean protein, which is important to maintain muscle mass, with each meal. Eggs, fish, and chicken are examples of lean protein. Fiber is equally important, so add some vegetables in meals or snacks throughout the day, and focus on whole grains rather than bleached flour products.

  • Some vitamins and minerals are more important for seniors–our bodies and their ability to absorb nutrients change with age.
  • Keep portion sizes in check by using small plates; larger ones trick us into adding more food to our plate.
  • Invest in meal delivery through clubX fitness to ensure you always have healthy foods.
  • Drink more water ! Hydration is crucial for fitness, so eliminate fruit juice, sugary sodas. Aim for 2 liters of water a day.

Stay Motivated
For many of us, when we think about getting fit, we tend to focus on what the scale tells us. However, that may not be the best way to judge health. If you’re feeling discouraged, think about what you have accomplished rather than what you still need to work on. For example, if you can’t get that last five pounds to fall off but notice you’re able to take a longer bike ride than you were a month ago, use that knowledge to keep yourself on track. These articles can also help you stay motivated when you’re in a rut.

Small adjustments add up to big changes. If you keep working toward your goals, your health can dramatically change for the better. Setbacks may happen, but think of them as part of the journey– don’t let them stop you. This is your time to live your life to the fullest.
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