at clubX fitness we believe that encouraging today’s kids & teens to be and stay active is the foundation of creating healthy lifestyles for the future. clubXfit is designed to appeal to any child’s needs by incorporating fun, healthy activities to keep them entertained, engaged, and active. if your child is motivated to eXcel at sports, our coaches and personal trainers will educate them on the benefits of proper eXercise and healthier eating habits to assist them in reaching their personal best.

with childhood obesity an epidemic in our country it is becoming more and more important to keep our children active. our youth fitness programs are geared towards educating and empowering children with the knowledge of being active and eating healthier.

our kids & teen fitness programs focus on:

  • developing healthy eating habits
  • the importance of drinking water and staying hydrated
  • concentration on proper eXercise technique and form
  • the benefits and potential dangers of strength training
  • improving sports performance and skills

for more information on clubXfit – kids & teen fitness programs or to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Xpert coaches please click below contact us

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