get fit fast utilizing muay thai, kickboXing, and boXing skill building
get leaner and fitter faster than with a conventional weighted workout

    • your first class is always free!!
    • private instruction by appointment
    • small group training designed for all fitness and ability levels

benefits of miXed martial arts / kickboXing training

  • improve overall body coordination and proprioception – a dynamic sport that requires your body to work together quickly, you develop coordination throughout your kinetic chain
  • improve aerobic and anaerboic conditioning – training involves particular strength and speed that engage the anaerobic energy system of your body on all levels imaginable
  • improve strength – improves many structural muscles that become weak due to prolonged sitting
  • improve confidence – after learning several defense techniques, you will boost your confidence immensely
  • develops and improves mental toughness and resilience – each time you push yourself to do more even when your mind is telling you it’s not possible, you build mental toughness and resilience
  • improves physical toughness – the techniques will help you build stamina, strength, endurance and agility
  • stress reliever and effective treatment for certain mental disorders – eXercise helps to improve our mood and banish stress; people who suffer from bipolar disorder may benefit from the training significantly.
  • develop bonds and friendships – you learn to respect your fellow trainees and your instructor, this mutual respect will enable you to forge a bond and to have a personal relationships with everybody in the gym
  • lose weight – you put more muscles at work when punching, kicking, and striking than you do when cycling on a stationary bike or running on a treadmill
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