reformer pilates consists of performing a combination of movements on a reformer machine. specially designed to challenge and strengthen the body, the ‘reformer’ is so named because it was created to reform the body of the participant.

benefits of reformer pilates

  • a full body workout
  • high intensity, low impact – lying on the carriage keeps the range of movements on a horizontal plane, taking any pressure off weak or damaged knees and ankles.
  • great for athletes – pilates improves muscle endurance, promotes better coordination and balance – essential to giving you that competitive edge.
  • increases muscle strength – in a reformer class you will lift, push and stretch; working deep into your muscles without a trip to the free weight area
  • gives your brain a boost – the required focused practice of inhaling and eXhaling calms the mind and helps you get into a more rhythmic flow
  • ideal for pregnancy – the low impact nature is perfect for swollen joints, the pelvic floor eXercises will help during childbirth and core work will help ease back pain
  • perfect for posture – your muscles contract to keep you balanced throughout the movements, thus improving your stability and creating better posture and alignment
  • small classes – get much more attention from the instructor, guiding your technique and motivating you to stretch that little bit further
  • improves fleXibility – slowly transitioning between controlled movements engages and stretches your muscles as you try to maintain your balance. as your muscles strengthen and your posture improves, so your fleXibility will increase
  • a great addition to your weight loss regimen – as you perform the movements your heart rate will increase and stronger muscles will give your metabolism a boost. with hundreds of possible movement combinations, reformer pilates continually challenges your body and keeps you from getting stuck in a fitness rut

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