• reasons to why your fitness results are stagnant…

    reasons to why your fitness results are stagnant…

    reasons to why your fitness results are stagnant… by the best fitness center in Miami

    1. you haven’t been on your eXercise program long enough
    it’s simply too soon…. you’ve only been working on a new program for 2 or 3 weeks. while you’re probably feeling stronger and most likely lifting heavier weights, you have yet to see that the muscle definition you crave and the scale hasn’t budged….relaX and stay on course. don’t eXpect to see bigger guns, tighter glutes, or a fitter belly until you’ve been consistently and progressively training for at least 4 to 6 weeks.

    2. you’re not lifting heavy enough
    if you want to build a stronger and more muscular body, you must lift heavy! the only way to stimulate muscle growth or to get a leaner physique is to eXercise with loads that are heavier than your body is used to. hint…if your handbag weighs 10 pounds, and you’re bicep curling with 5 pounds, you’re not going to build muscle!!

    3. you’re not lifting often enough
    you need to eXercise each body part at least once per week to see results. strength eXercises are based on the principle of progressive resistance; you’ll need to keep making the eXercises more eXigent to eXpect changes in your physique. try to aim for at least 3-4 days of strength eXercise sessions per week.

    4. you’re lifting too often
    beware, when it comes to strength eXercises, too much of the good is bad. muscle fibers need time to rest and repair themselves between eXercises. muscle growth happens while resting. if you’re eXercising too often you’ll risk injury, fatigue, failure to progress, and sometimes even lose strength in the weight room!

    if you still feel uncertain on what’s a good eXercise duration and what strength eXercises to eXecute to reach your fitness goals, get help from our eXpert personal trainers and fitness coaches. book an appointment with ingrid, maya, suhill, or lester online, at reception, or speak with cary directly.

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