• “no pain no gain” is absolutely bullshit!

    “no pain no gain” is absolutely bullshit!

    “no pain no gain” is absolutely bullshit! by the best fitness blog in Miami

    “no pain no gain” is a saying that’s been around for decades, and foolishly believed by many. discomfort and pain are your body’s way of telling you that you’ve Xceeded your comfort zone and you’re at a high risk for injury. true pain (not fatigue) is your body telling you to ease up or take a break from whatever you’re doing at the moment….forget about fighting through the pain and ask yourself this:

    is your resting heart rate jacked up today? are you too sore from your last Xercise to even walk? did you only sleep a few hours last night? did you skip breakfast, lunch, or any meal?

    congrats, you just earned yourself a rest day. in other words – go home! you aren’t going to achieve anything Xcept an increased risk of injury by Xcersising in any one of these conditions.

    know your limits
    try to know and understand your personal limits. people tend to give up way too early or get hurt during Xcerise simply because they had no idea what their real thresholds were. the whole concept of proper Xercise is to push your thresholds to the limit to fulfill your potential. if you don’t know and understand what your limits are, how can you possibly know what your potential is?

    how do you figure out your limits and reach your full potential?
    this is a bit difficult and the primary reason why people should work with personal fitness coaches. clubX always has an array of Xperienced coaches to work within your schedule and guide you to your full potential. this is absolutely the best way to fully understand your limits and learn how to Xcecute the Xercises in the correct manner. in time you will feel comfortable enough to Xperiment with the various Xercises on your own and will have accumulated enough knowledge to test your limits and reach your full potential.

    leave “no pain no gain” behind and join the Xperts @clubX for a Xceptionally pleasant fitness Xperience!

    call us: 305 667 3539
    write us: info@clubXmiami.com

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