• more eXercise sins…fitness killers!

    more eXercise sins…fitness killers!

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    we continue in our attempt to bring you awareness of some of the more deadly eXercise sins; learn when you are about to commit a sin so you can make eXcellent decisions instead!

    ignoring the negative
    if you focus on lifting a weight—the concentric or positive component—and then just let it fall back into place, your sin is in neglecting the negative. the process of letting the weight back down is called the eccentric component, and it’s at least as important as the concentric component for stimulating muscular development. ignore it and you’ll only get half the results. an eXcellent rule is to lower the weight twice as slowly as you lift it.

    not understanding your eXercises
    admit it….sometimes you see someone doing an eXercise you’ve never seen and you think, “cool, I’ll try that too”. there is a huge BUT to that though…..not understanding the eXercises you perform is actually committing another sin.

    it’s important to understand what your goal is, and how the eXercises help you achieve that goal. for eXample, many women do leg presses hoping to make their legs smaller…completely wrong! leg presses are a multi-joint eXercise that tend to be mass-builders for legs. you’re better off eXecuting single-joint movements such as leg eXtensions and leg curls that concentrate on smaller muscle groups and lend themselves to a leaner look.

    to better understand which eXercises will guide you to your goal, consult one of clubX’s Xpert fitness coaches / personal trainers. they will get you fitter faster while avoiding injuries.

    swinging your weights
    the ABC of lifting weights is; “always be in control”. when you use momentum to swing the weights around, you’re not targeting the muscle that the eXercise is meant for. in fact, you’re increasing the chances of injury. to avoid this eXercise sin….be sure your core is tight and the only things moving are the joints related to the eXercise you’re eXecuting.

    niXing the h2o
    when you eXercise, you raise your metabolism and the body creates heat. if you don’t consume sufficient amounts of fluids to maintain proper hydration levels, your body will conserve fluids; with eXcess water your body will look bloated. furthermore, you won’t sweat as efficiently, which makes it difficult for the body to cool itself down.

    we close this blog edition with a question; water before, during or after eXercise?
    the answer is all of the above! you should drink at least 16 ounces before you eXercise, 4 to 6 ounces every 15 to 20 minutes during your eXercise session, and then top it off with even more water after you’re done eXercising.

    we warmly welcome you to fill up with ice cold h2o and sweat it off at the best gym / fitness center in coral gables / miami – clubX!!

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