• how to properly fuel your body for eXercise

    how to properly fuel your body for eXercise

    how to properly fuel your body for eXercise by clubX fitness blog

    many of us underestimate the importance of correctly refueling our bodies before and after eXercise. considering our food intake is a crucial factor in getting the best results.

    first of all, consider what you want. what are your fitness goals? do you want to lose those eXtra pounds or build muscle? of course the food requirements for these are different, but they all begin with a strong base.

    make carbs your friend
    carbohydrates are an essential part of any active person’s diet, as they are the basic fuel for activity. it’s in fact the eXercisers, which determine the individual needs in terms of grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of a persons body weight. a female eXercising five to seven times per week for an hour, requires about five grams per kilo of body weight each day.

    to replenish glycogen – the body’s store of carbohydrate, which is used as fuel in all forms of eXercises and keep energy levels high, carbs are important both before and after eXercise. all meals (even snacks) should contain carbs.

    bananas, low-fat cereal bars, cereal with low-fat milk or rice cakes with jam or honey are all good pre- eXercise snacks. these options are carb loaded and absorbed immediately. try to have them one to two hours before eXercise.

    the best way to kick-start recovery is to eat a nutritious snack within 30 post eXercise minutes. both protein and carbohydrates are important in this meal. for eXample; low-fat smoothies made with fruit and yogurt, cereal and milk, low-fat muesli bars and peanut butter or cottage cheese on rice cakes, are all good choices.

    the power of protein
    protein is important for muscle recovery and repair, as well as keeping your hunger at bay. physically active women should aim for one gram of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. men and athletes, who wish to put on eXtra weight and muscle mass need more – up to two grams per kilo body weight per day – combined with hard eXercise of course!

    meeting your protein needs should be easy. we consume about double the protein we need daily, without even trying. nearly all foods (eXcept oils and pure sugar) contain protein. good protein sources include lean meat, fish, chicken breast, low-fat dairy, eggs, legumes and soy products, and also protein shakes are good as an eXtra protein source.

    don’t forget to keep the fluids coming
    it’s a fact: eXercising when you’re dehydrated, or not re-hydrating between bouts of eXercise, will negatively affect your performance. it’s almost impossible, and not practical to catch up once you have begun an eXercise session dehydrated. start with always carrying a water bottle when you eXercise, if this is not possible, make sure you compensate after the session. clubX recommends that you need between half to one liter of water per hour while eXercising, depending on temperature, intensity and your personal perspiration rates.

    for more eXpert nutrition knowledge and eXercise advice, ask any of clubX’s eXceptional personal trainers/fitness coaches.

    we warmly welcome you to enjoy your eXercise session with teamX @clubX after loading up with carbs, protein and fluids!

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