• how to get going after years with no eXercise!!

    how to get going after years with no eXercise!!

     how to get going after years with no eXercise!! by the best fitness blog and gym in Miami, clubX

    each passing day without eXerce makes it even more difficult to start again. without even realizing it, we gain eXcess body fat and lose muscle mass. it isn’t until we see photos or video of ourselves or receive a negative reaction from someone we haven’t seen in a while that we realize how much we’ve changed. instead of getting those great “wow you must be been working out” compliments, we get the “not been at the gym lately?” or “ooh, you’ve let yourself go” comments.

    at that precise moment it’s eXtremely important to re-ignite and/or discover your passion for eXercising, and decide right then to commit to get fit! also, at this point the body is not in as bad of a position as it may seem. factors such as muscle memory and past eXercise eXperience will get you fitter faster than you think!

    allow us to break down the “begin again” process into three stages of eXercises:
    stage 1
    is getting your body back into shape. it includes easier eXercises at high reps in order to increase muscle size by taking advantage of muscle memory.

    stage 2 includes a bit harder eXercises with moderate reps. compound eXercises, such as pullups and dips, to increase muscle strength and prepare your body for the more advanced eXercises.

    stage 3 consists of lower rep utilizing more advanced eXercises with added weight such as deadlifts and overhead presses which is optimal for strength gains.

    if you aren’t sure how to properly implement and eXecute these stages of eXercises, don’t hesitate to ask for help from one of clubX’s eXpert personal trainers. we are here to support your fitness and goals and to achieve personal eXcellence!

    we leave you with some tips on how to prevent yourself from breaking your eXercise routine/habit:

    • prevent over-eXercising
    • keep yourself motivatedprioritize your daily schedule
    • boost yourself to have the right mindset

    we warmly welcome you to achieve your goals with teamX @clubX!

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