• go for eXtreme afterburn and lose the eXcess fat!

    go for eXtreme afterburn and lose the eXcess fat!

    go for eXtreme afterburn and lose the eXcess fat! by the best fitness blog in Miami, clubX blog

    most gym-goers equate long eXercise sessions with hard eXercises. however, long eXercise sessions, which last more than an hour, usually mean low-intensity muscle contractions and eXtended rest periods. to gain muscle mass and burn eXcess fat, low-intensity eXercises are often ineffective and counterproductive.

    clubX recommends keeping your eXercise sessions short, intense and effective. you want brief eXercise with maXimum effort and eXplosiveness. the ideal time is 30 minutes or less.

    use these three simple intensity-boosting strategies:
    1. maXimum effort interval training
    2. full-body eXercises and/or
    3. metabolic strength eXercises

    the reasoning: when you push yourself beyond your perceived threshold, your body initiates a chemical response and neuro-endocrine reaction. this chain can cause your body to naturally raise testosterone and release human growth hormone (HGH) and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) into your system. stimulating and maXimizing these hormones through intense eXercises helps stimulate muscle growth and eXcess fat loss.

    you’ll want to use stored carbs as your primary source during your eXercise session, which will keep you burning fat during rest after you’ve finished eXercising. to use carbs as your energy source you must eXercise intensely and raise your resting metabolic rate. when you eXercise at near maXimum capacity, your heart rate soars, and as you struggle and gasp for air, you will take in eXtra oxygen in order to recover. this eXtra oXygen causes your metabolism to rise. the scientific name for this fat-burning effect is called eXcess post-eXercise oXygen consumption (EPOC).

    when you’ve finished an eXercise session and your body returns to its normal resting metabolic rate, it burns the eXcess fat to recover since you eXhausted stored carbs during your eXercise.

    it takes lots of energy and/or calories for your resting metabolism to return to “normal.” sounds pretty good right?! this translates to no eXcuses regarding having time to eXercise. with maximum effort less really is more!

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