• get your best body ever with effective & smart eXercise

    get your best body ever with effective & smart eXercise

    get your best body ever with effective & smart eXercise

    to get your best body ever, you should use smart, effective eXercise methods. you can’t just start lifting weights or go out running with no guidance. if you do, it often leads to little or no results and an eXtra sensitivity to injuries.

    achieving optimal muscular fitness requires fleXibility, strength, endurance, power, and speed. these components should be included in an integrated eXercise program.

    because of lifestyle habits it’s often one side of the body that you use predominantly. the dominant side of the body develops more than the non-dominant side, and if certain patterns or muscular actions are performed repeatedly, muscles will develop more in either the front or the back of the body. as a result some muscles become tight, lengthened or weak.

    an integrated eXercise program focuses on a 3-dimensional muscular balance. this will help overall strength, prevent injuries and enhance everyday living. opposing muscle groups should be in balance. for eXample….the quadriceps group/hamstring group should be in balance – meaning the quads should not be significantly stronger than the hamstrings. research has shown that inadequate hamstring strength contributes to knee anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries.

    a guide to smart and effective eXercise

    1. start with having a postural assessment performed by an Xpert fitness coach @clubX. this assessment will indicate where your muscles are tight, weak or lengthened. it will also indicate patterns of postural dysfunction called postural distortion patterns, which will give you insight on which muscles may need eXtra attention and the corresponding required eXercises.
    2. together with your Xpert fitness coach develop a comprehensive fleXibility routine to follow.
    3. strength eXercise or weight bearing eXercises should focus on the whole body to avoid muscle imbalance.

    choose your favorite clubX fitness coach / personal trainer and get started today. work toward your dream body and get fitter faster than you ever eXpected!

    welcome to clubX – where fit happens eXceptionally fast!

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