• fitness trends: moving “back to basics”

    fitness trends: moving “back to basics”

    fitness trends: moving “back to basics” by the best fitness blog in Miami, clubX blog

    after nearly a decade of chasing high-tech fitness dreams, eXperts say there’s a movement back to the basics for getting in shape.

    the high-tech stuff was great and were hyped for quite a while. lots of people in america have a treadmill in the corner of the bedroom, but only to hang their clothes on….treadmills seldom get used when in the home environment. however, now there is a trend away from treadmills in the home….in fact a trend back to basics. by basics, we mean using the body, dumbbells, kettlebells, your mind….and not much else to get in shape.

    in 2016 we’re looking towards eXercises that increase fleXibility and core strength, and help you to live an overall healthier life. one of the most popular fitness trends involves the combination of what might seem like opposing eXercises, like mind-body movements and aerobics eXercises.

    - today’s yoga classes often merge traditional yoga with a variety of other activities, including strength eXercises, core muscle building, and butt firming.

    - yoga and pilates is another hot combination to watch out for.

    whether it’s blasting your abs into shape or helping you heal a back injury, these new combined yoga eXercises will give you the versatility to do both.

    if you want to combine yoga with strength eXercises and fleXibility….clubX welcomes you to try Xhale yoga every tuesday at 8p! if you are more of a traditional lifter, come and grab some dumbbells or kettlebells and get going!

    basically, we welcome you to get “back to basics” with teamX @clubX – a gym / fitness center for all fitness fanatics!

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