• deadly eXercise sins!

    deadly eXercise sins!

    deadly eXercise sins! by the best fitness blog in Miami, clubX blog

    too much too soon
    when women want their arms smaller, their waste tighter, or their thighs leaner they typically work those muscle groups every time they eXercise. the same goes for men that want to grow muscle mass. often, you overdo it with too much too soon. the body needs 72 hours to complete a metabolic cycle, which promotes healing of the tissue that was torn during your eXercise. if you’re eXercising the same muscle group every day, your body won’t recover properly, slowing progress and leaving yourself open to injury.

    going in cold
    going into your eXercises cold is a big no-no. warming up lubricates the joints by thinning the synovial fluid that buffers them, which will give you a better range of motion and place you at a lower risk of injury. you should warm up for at least 5-10 minutes with low intensity cardio, or if you’re eXercising with weights you can warm up by doing one or two lighter sets of each eXercise first.

    not getting enough zzzz’s
    when you sleep your body releases growth hormones and repairs the trauma done to the muscles during the day. if you don’t get enough sleep, you don’t go into the repair and renew cycle that your body hits at its third to fourth hour of slumber. everyone’s a little different, but you should try to get a minimum of siX to eight hours of sleep per night.

    eating like a bird
    many people (especially women) try to go hungry and then over-eXercise to lose weight. however, if you don’t eat enough your body goes into starvation mode and slows down your metabolism, making it even harder to lose those eXcess pounds.

    when you eXercise intensely your metabolism reaches maXimum efficiency for up to 46 hours after you’ve finished; the greatest fat-burning effect takes place during rest after an eXercise session; but if you don’t fuel yourself properly you can’t eXercise intensely enough to make this happen.

    remember this: something is always better than nothing!
    even if, at times, you can only eXercise once a week that’s still four days of eXercising. keep in mind that achieving optimal health along with an eXcellent body is a long term goal.

    never give up on your biggest investment in life, you!

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