• clubX eXplains how to keep eXtra weight off

    clubX eXplains how to keep eXtra weight off

    clubX eXplains how to keep eXtra weight off by the best fitness blog in Miami, clubX blog
    when you’ve finally lost those eXtra pounds you worked so hard to get rid of  it can sometimes be tricky to keep them off. clubX wants to help you, and eXplains how to ensure those eXcess pounds stay off  for good .

    become an 80/20 eater
    make 80 percent of the food you eat healthy with the other 20 percent of your daily caloric intake fun and eXtra tasty. otherwise, you will likely feel deprived, and be more tempted to give in to your cravings.

    get your sleep
    we mention this often, but it’s truly an essential component for good health. sleep is a cornerstone in weight management, because of the impact it has on your hormones which in turn control how you store and burn fat, and how you’re maintaining muscle mass. the better your hormone balance, the better your weight management.

    diversify your eXercises
    when you work multiple muscles at the same time, you’re getting your cardiovascular eXercise at the same times as you get your strength eXercise. you’re not only saving time, but you’re also burning more calories while eXercising.

    always have snacks in handy
    pack small meals to always bring with you, for eXample oatmeal packets, a bag of almonds, a protein bar, or peanut butter are all eXcellent snacks.

    eat citrus every day
    vitamin C inhibits the production of cortisol, a hormone that essentially tells your body to sore fat. include grapefruit slices in your breakfast.

    eat more turkey
    lean protein helps you stay fuller for longer; it contains the amino acids that are the building blocks for muscle. chicken and fish are also good sources of lean protein.

    drink plenty of h2o
    as with sleep we harp on this!!! proper hydration can curb hunger and boost your metabolism by up to 3 percent! drink water until your pee looks like lemonade.

    say yes to dark chocolate
    if in moderation, you can actually get away with calling dark chocolate a health food. it is rich in antioxidants, keeping the body from aging and staying healthy.

    last, but not least…stand as much as you can. we urge you to stand up whenever you can. in fact, standing burns 1.5 times more calories than sitting….so stand up when watching TV, working on the computer, or anytime it’s an option. you will have already burned some eXcess fat prior to your eXercise session @clubX.

    we warmly welcome you to burn your eXtra fat and keep it off with teamX @clubX!

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