• clubX answers some questions about fat

    clubX answers some questions about fat

      clubX answers some questions about fat

    have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult to lose weight and keep it off? can you blame it on your genes, low metabolism, or that you happen to have more fat cells than others?

    how many fat cells does a normal person have?
    the number of fat cells of an adult average weight person, regardless of gender, is about 40-50 billion. an obese / overweight person has double that!

    why do we have body fat, and what is it good for?
    fat tissue is in fact a separate body. it stores energy and is eXtremely important, since it functions as insulation for the body and organs. fat tissue also regulates blood sugar levels and other hormones, for eXample the hormone leptin, which inhibits the appetite.

    do overweight people have a slower metabolism than thin/skinny people?
    it’s actually a myth that obese people would have something wrong with their metabolism, or just slower metabolism. admittedly, some people may have a low metabolic rate because of low thyroid activity, but it’s very unusual for obesity to be the result of a person’s metabolism.

    what happens to fat when you lose weight?
    when you shed fat it’s burned in a process called lipolysis. stored fat is broken down into fat drops, which travel out into the bloodstream, where it’s taken up by the liver and muscles. the fat cells shrink when you lose weight, but the number of fat cells doesn’t decrease. they will stay the same throughout your life.

    blame it on your parents…?
    the only issue in which you might have a slight reason to blame them is the type of nutrition they fed you as a child. what kind of food and the amount you ate as a child sets the number of fat cells throughout your whole life. if you have a greater number of fat cells you will eXpand more when you gain weight than people with a lower amount of fat cells.

    instead of blaming your parents for your eXcess fat, clubX suggests that you come and burn it off with our Xperts; join the eXtraordinary fitness spirit and have fun while shedding off unwanted fat!

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